ATACCON's Experience and Approach

The ATACCON team has experience in healthcare/institutional, industrial/manufacturing, commercial, and retail construction.  Our team has worked directly on projects ranging from the largest Healthcare and Federal projects in the industry to very small and intricate retail and retrofit projects in sensitive conditions with security protocols.

All ATACCON team members have worked for large construction corporations in the past that emphasized high volume commodity products and services, but lacked of customer specific focus.  This perspective allows our team to focus our approach on our core priorities:

  • Responsive management and staff that act with a sense of urgency
  • Focus on practicality and applying expertise to provide simplified and reliable client solutions
  • Safe Performance
  • Flexibility with our clients to allow for choices to fit changed project priorities
  • Skilled Craftsmanship that results in pride
  • A Team mentality applied to all areas of our business

ATACCON is devoted to providing innovative solutions to complex challenges. We understand that operability and occupancy by our clients in their facilities in a timely fashion is the primary goal. ATACCON believes that ensuring the success of our clients will also foster our success.